MSAR Introduction of a Company

MSAR Introduction of a Company

Atieh Ardabil Machinery Industry Development Group started its work in 1345 with the production of wood machinery, including slicers, pliers, presses, veneers, dryers and guillotines, and succeeded in setting up and equipping factories for wood and parts industries. It was in most parts of Iran. Following the uncontrolled import of wood and the increasing limitation of the wood industry and the decrease in demand for setting up workshops and factories of the wood industry of this company after research and development in the field of agricultural and industrial industries and according to its history in the field of machine production Dryers shifted their focus to the processing and food industries.

Ardabil Machinery Industry Development Group entered the field as a manufacturer of processing and food industry machinery by upgrading its technical knowledge in 1379, and with divine blessings and with the support of technical knowledge and perseverance of its committed and compassionate personnel, was able to in 2016 and 2017. To be selected as a model producer in the field of processing and food industries.

At present, Atieh Machinery Development Group of Ardabil with Ardabil Machinery brand in the field of implementation and launch of production line of potato chips, French fries IQF, dryer in different capacities and equipping milk factories and production of paste and دارد has something to say.

The quality of production equipment in Ardabil Machine-Building Company has been approved by the Association of Technical and Engineering Services of Industries and Mines of Ardabil Province TECA after research, investigation and various tests.

The activities of this unit are planned based on the following steps:

1. Quality control of the device at the time of production

۲. Quality control of the device after the completion of the project and the time of clearance

3. Collaborate with the R&D unit to test new products, including natural essential oils and antiperspirants

Agricultural Research and Development Unit

Basically, the development of the food industry will require the uninterrupted growth of the agricultural sector. Ardabil Machinery Company has established a beneficial connection between industry and agriculture to complete the production process of agricultural products and make them optimally ready to enter the market.

In this regard, new technologies for agricultural development in accordance with climatic and geographical conditions have been used to increase the quality and quantity of products.

One of the measures of this section is the design of an essential oil and antiperspirant dryer at the same time as drying fruits and medicinal plants, which completely abolishes the previous traditional methods.