Date : 1401/07/06 06:47 : Time
Date : 1401/07/06 06:47 : Time

Mashin Sazi Ardabil

Manufacturer of Sample Conversion Machinery in the Country in 2016 and 2017

Located in the Science and Technology Park​

Production of various processing machines, fruit dryers and multi-purpose dryers

Honey packing line, French fries slicing line, pizza cheese machine and hydroponic machine

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Mashinsazi Ardabil

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Potato Chips Production Line Equipment and complete lines of technology and storage

Fruit and vegetable dryer
Familiar description about dryers

Business Consulting Description in the field offood and processing industries

Mashinsazi Ardabil STANDARD Lists

List of Machine Building Standards

استاندارد ماشین آلات صنایع غذایی
ISO 14001
فروش ماشین صنایع غذایی با استاندارد


استاندارد ماشین آلات صنایع غذایی در کشور

ISO 50001

استاندارد ماشین آلات صنایع غذایی دبیل

ISO 9001

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Technical Advice

Our Expert Consultants are Available to Answer your Questions as Well as Provide Technical Advice.

Installation Service

Relying on Their Expertise and Knowledge, Our Technicians are Ready to Implement and Design all Lines of Dood and Conversion Industries.

After Sales Service

Ardabil Mashinsazi Considers itself Obliged to Provide After-sales Service and Has Been Able to Achieve this by Relying on its Experienced Staff.

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