Storage Tank

Storage Tank

Silo Tank:
This tank is used for storing raw milk, pasteurized milk, standardized milk, whey and others.
Insulation storage tank:
These types of tanks are mainly used in the food industry for balancing, storing and mixing liquid products.
Ardabil Machinery offers a wide range of these tanks in accordance with the needs of production units. These tanks from the directions
Different such as material, dimensions of automation equipment used, polishing quality and location are different.
Mix tank:
These tanks are for short-term storage of raw milk, standardized milk, pasteurized milk, whey and other liquids and mixing in
Used during the production process.
Cooling tanks:
Silos equipped with converter coils are used for indirect temperature exchange and to regulate the storage temperature.

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خیلی بد بد معمولی خوب عالی
خیلی بد بد معمولی خوب عالی
خیلی بد بد معمولی خوب عالی
خیلی بد بد معمولی خوب عالی
خیلی بد بد معمولی خوب عالی

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