Industrial Milling Machine

Industrial Milling Machine

Benefits of the device
High crushing speed: Due to having ribs in the grid, this mill operates by shear method. Due to having blades, this mill turns the materials into powder in a cool way.

Device uses

Pharmacies, companies and industrial workshops

Device Features
Has a fine steel load with a capacity of 20 kg
The shell of the device is made of steel sheet with a thickness of 4 miles and 6 miles
It has 8 strong blades
Medium device sound
Has electrical panel
Has 4 special lace forms
Production capacity: 100 kg per hour

Technical Specifications
Engine power: 7.5 kW equivalent to 10 hp
Engine speed: 3000 rpm
Machine weight: 80 kg
Fine load volume: 20 to 30 kg
Device cover: Steel
Number of nets: 4
Type of electricity consumption: 3 phases

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خیلی بد بد معمولی خوب عالی
خیلی بد بد معمولی خوب عالی
خیلی بد بد معمولی خوب عالی
خیلی بد بد معمولی خوب عالی
خیلی بد بد معمولی خوب عالی

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